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Welcome to our website where you can stay updated on our latest books, products, events, and partnerships! The Adventures Noah The Nurse Practitioner is a book series that was started in order to introduce young kids to the nurse practitioner field, teach them health pearls, and show young kids that they can also become nurse practitioners like Noah.

The Adventures of Noah were created to inspire and educate kids, especially African-Americans, to explore the role of a nurse practitioner. From this vision we created Noah Publishing, to be the home for not only Noah’s story but for all the characters and stories just like his.

Recent News and Events

Brockton High alumnus, a nurse practitioner, shares book with students

News: Wearing his white lab coat with a stethoscope around his neck, Loic Assombo stood inside the Brookfield library and read from a children’s book.

But it wasn’t just any children’s book – it was one he wrote about some of his own experiences: The Adventures of Noah the Nurse Practitioner... read more

Thank you to the American Student Assistance Program

Last November our team received an invitation to speak to a group of students at Brockton High who were part of the American Student Assistance Program (ASA). We were invited to share our personal journeys through college, our professions, and the challenges we faced along the way...read more

Health Visions 2019

Thank you to abcdboston for inviting the author of the Noah series, and our team, to participate in a discussion on community health and share our mission of positive, diverse, representation through storytelling. It was a great opportunity to connect with both local leaders in healthcare and other minority owned businesses.

Upcoming Events


Healthy Visions 2019 | Roxbury, MA | Jan. 31st

Join the author of Noah's Adventures, Loic Assobmo, as he joins a panel discussing health and wellness in urban communities. Learn more and RSVP.


The Adventures of Noah the Nurse Practitioner:
The Sore Throat Assumption | March 21st

We're excited to announce the next book in Noah's Adventures, The Sore Throat Assumption! Available March 21st.

Two new titles and authors! | March 16th

We're excited to announce two new children book titles and authors! Follow us here and on social for an update and feature March 16th.



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Mental Health Month

We look forward to participating in events and discussions with local healthcare and mental health professionals to bring awareness
to mental health issues and negative stigmas

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